Umpiring Talent Pathway

The Umpire Talent Pathway commences at the WAFL District Junior Competition Level. Within  Junior Football there remains the opportunity for young aspiring umpires to be selected to join the Junior District Talent Squads where additional and more specialized coaching can enhance the development process prior to them moving into the Senior Football (Metro or Country Leagues) level of game participation.

Any young umpire not selected to join a Junior District Talent Squad can still take up the opportunity to umpire in Senior Football, however they are not considered part of the talent pathway until the relevant criteria are met.

To be selected to join the WAFL Talent Academy, umpires need to have umpired a Senior Football Grand Final, and have been nominated by their coach to the Umpire Talent Manager to trial. Following a successful trial, umpires who have met the criteria are offered positions in the WAFL Talent Academy.  To join the WAFL Senior Team, umpires are assessed by the High Performance Umpires Manager and Talent Manager and promoted when criteria is met. 

As a WAFL Umpire, opportunities are presented to Umpire the AFL 16’s and 18’s championships, as well as to be part of the AFL High Performance Umpire Academy. Progression to AFL is through a trialling process similar to the WAFL Talent Academy selection process

For more information regarding our Talent Pathway and programs, please refer to the WAFC Umpiring Talent Manual or contact the WAFC Umpiring Team on 08 9381 5599