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Deppro WAFL 16s carnival resultsTuesday, April 18, 2017 - 1:25 PM

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Results for the final round of the 2017 Deppro WAFL 16s Carnival are in with the Tigers, Royals, Sharks and Thunder all securing wins.

The six-round series of matches concludes on April 14, and following the carnival the WAFL State 16s Academy selection panel will develop a list of 50 players to participate in the WAFL 16s trial selection fixture on April 15. At the conclusion of the trial match the 16s State Academy Squad for 2017 will be named.

The carnival provides the opportunity for players, coaches and umpires to be exposed to an enhanced level of competition and training, which plays a vital role in their development.

The carnival also allows our WAFL clubs to provide a team and coaching environment in which every individual has the opportunity to develop and display their talent, leadership and determination and in doing so prepare the players for progression to WAFL Colts or the State 16s Academy.

To download the carnival program click here. 

Round 1

Swan Districts 14.12 (96) def Subiaco 2.8 (20)
Swans Best - Garcia, Bradley, Ireland
Lions Best - Evans, Stack-Green, Moore

East Fremantle 14.6 (90) def East Perth 6.8 (44)
Sharks Best: Harris-Walker, Ruscoe, Pigram
Royals Best: Rodgers, Smith, Kemp

South Fremantle 9.13 (67) def Claremont 4.8 (32)
Bulldogs Best: Musika, Salmeri, De Silva
Tigers: Romano, Davis, Buller

Peel Thunder 11.6 (72) def West Perth 3.9 (27)
Thunder Best: Penny, Stack Beverly
Falcons Best: Nannup, Farme, Prior

Round 2
Swan Districts 12.11 (83) def Perth 9.9 (63)
Swans Best: K.Robinson, D.Robinson, Ireland
Demons Best: McLlheny, Robertson, Fraser

Claremont 9.4 (58) def East Fremantle 4.11 (35)
Tigers Best; Thomas, Davis, Fitzpatrick
Sharks Best: Wallis, Sharp, Dobson

South Fremantle 12.10 (82) def Subiaco 2.7 (19)
Bulldogs Best: Ballchambers, Musika, Clayton
Lions Best: Kennedy, Duyckers, Alexander

Peel Thunder 18.10 (118) def East Perth 4.6 (30)
Thunder Best: Hutson, Middleton, Knight
Royals Best: Wrightson, Lockitt, Hurn

Round 3
Swan Districts 8.7 (55) drew with South Fremantle 8.7 (55)
Swans Best: D.Brochbernd, A.Brochbernd, Pasini
Bulldogs Best: Lawton, Olman, Spooner

East Perth 6.7 (43) def West Perth 6.5 (41)
Royals Best: Cox, Marinoni, Cahill
Falcons Best: B.Johnson, Turcato, Hudson

Perth 14.7 (91) def Subiaco 5.5 (34) 
Demons Best: Smith, Clarke, Fraser
Lions Best: Ash, McIntosh, Alexander

East Fremantle 10.8 (68) def Peel Thunder 9.11 (65)
Sharks Best: Curley, Dobson, Rivers
Thunder Best: Rankn, Knight, Hutson

Round 4
Swan Districts 12.9 (81) def East Perth 5.12 (42)
Swans Best: Bright, Garcia, K.Robinson
Royals Best: Hurn, Lockitt, Scott

West Perth 10.8 (68) def Subiaco 8.5 (53)
Falcons Best: Rewell, Prosser, Prior
Lions Best: Ash, Martin, McIntosh

Perth 10.15 (75) def Claremont 4.9 (33)
Demons Best: Slater, Clarke, Trindall
Tigers Best: Buller, Thomas, B.Parker

Peel Thunder 16.9 (105) def South Fremantle 9.6 (60) 
Thunder Best: Willis, Rankin, Mulcahy
Bulldogs Best: Olman, Williams, Musika

Round 5
South Fremantle 11.16 (82) def West Perth 3.6 (24)
Bulldogs Best: Rees-Turner, Narkle, Williams
Falcons Best: C.Johnson, Nannup, Rewell

East Perth 16.7 (103) def Claremont 7.8 (50) 
Royals Best: Fokkema, Marinoni, Ladhams
Tigers Best: Romano, Schuhkraft, Harwood

East Fremantle 10.10 (70) def Perth 8.7 (55)
Sharks Best: Henley, McGuire, Redmond
Demons Best: Bird, Colbung, Trindall

Peel Thunder 14.20 (104) def Subiaco 1.2 (8)
Thunder Best: Hutson, Welhan, Egan
Lions Best: Kennedy, Armitage, Borchett

Round 6
Claremont 18.4 (112) def West Perth 5.6 (36)
Tigers Best: Harwood, Lines, Pearce
Falcons Best: Papadolous, Saikia, Ryan

East Perth 10.11 (71) def Subiaco 8.10 (58)
Royals Best: Gibson, C.Sparks, Tabbara
Lions Best: Grabe-Paparone, Golding, Corbett

East Fremantle 10.11 (71) def Swan Districts 6.5 (41)
Sharks Best: Atkinson, Denton, Wallis
Swans Best: K.Robinson, Cartwright, Watson

Peel Thunder 19.11 (125) def Perth 3.7 (25)
Thunder Best: Sears, Hutson, Ewing
Demons Best: Taylor, Patterson, Councillor