For each new junior football season, competition dates, rules and regulations, and other documents must be updated. Therefore, please find all relevant information below for the 2024 Go for 2&5 Junior Football season.

Please note the "Key Dates" document, which lists important meetings and dates throughout the year. At least one (1) representative from the club must attend any delegate meetings.


Please find below the WA Football Commission’s Junior Football Competition Policies, Rules and Regulations for the 2024 season.  

The handbook aims to:

  • Make it easier for clubs, volunteers and other stakeholders to administer Australian Football;
  • Provide a framework for key organisational requirements in relation to Australian Football;
  • Address appropriate standards of behaviour and the prevention of discrimination and harassment; and
  • Ensure that the game of Australian Football is played in a fair manner and a spirit of true sportsmanship.

All stakeholders are strongly recommended to read, review, and become familiar with the 2024 WAFC Junior Football Competition Policies, Rules and Regulations prior to the season beginning.  The handbook is divided into sections for ease of access.     

Access 2024 Junior Football Rules & Regulations | HERE


         The 2024 Junior Football Competition Policies, Rules and Regulations handbook continues to build on the improvements made in previous seasons. You will notice numerous changes to the handbook. The 2024_01 Club Circular provided a summary of these major changes and can be viewed HERE


Prior to and/or during each junior football season, clubs are expected to submit specific forms to relevant WAFC Team Leaders for different requirements.

PlayHQ is the online platform that is used for registrations, transfers and competition fixtures and results. If any new and/or current committee member wants to learn how to use the system or has certain issues that needs resolving, please use the PlayHQ Support (link below) as it has comprehensive information, resources and video tutorials to help!


Any information that is relevant to junior football match days can be found below. The Match Day Guide and Match Day Processes are important documents for all Team Managers and Ground Marshals to have a copy of and should be provided to them via email prior to the season commencing.


Constantly improving club operations and processes is pivotal in running a club effectively and efficiently, and to achieve long-term viability and sustainability. Below is a list of websites that provides valuable resources, tools, templates and information to facilitate the opportunity for club development and improvement. Its essential that all committee members are aware of these websites and utilise them as much as possible to successfully fulfill their roles, responsibilities and obligations. In addition, applying for and attaining grant funding is also critical for long-term growth and should become part of your clubs processes each year. The Regional Development Council "Grants and Funding" link below provides a comprehensive list of the funding opportunities available to all junior football clubs.

Creating a Healthy Club Environment

The WAFC's partnership with Healthway promotes the Go for 2&5® health message and the importance of good nutrition to children throughout WA. Junior football clubs are integral to this partnership, as your grassroots programs draw children, families and community members into the sporting environment.


Here's how your club can help to spread the Go for 2&5® message and create a healthy club environment:

  • Download the WA Junior Football Healthy Sports Toolkit HERE

This Toolkit provides all the information you need on the Healthway partnership and how to incorporate Go for 2 & 5® messaging at your club.

  • Apply for a Healthy Sports Grant worth up to $4,000

The Lotterywest Healthway Grants Portal makes applying for a Healthy Sports Grant even easier, enabling clubs to apply, track progress and manage approved grants in one central location. Click HERE to view the Grant Guidelines and register for access to the portal.

Junior Club of the Year Award

WAFC have the Junior Club of the Year Award, which is an incentive for clubs to strive for excellence within their club governance, operations and administration. A list of criteria has been developed (can be viewed below) with relevant points associated accordingly. The criteria’s primary focus areas for clubs are around Governance, Club Development and Club Behaviour and will be considered for the current season only. The club who accumulates the greatest amount of points will be the winner, with the award to be presented at the end of the season.


Each Junior football competition has a number of policies that must be adopted by clubs and strictly abided by. There is Code of Conduct which sets out the minimum behavioural standards required for anyone involved in the competition such as players, coaches, umpires, administrators, parents and spectators. Any policy or Code of Conduct breaches may be subject to disciplinary action.

The WAFC is committed to the safety and wellbeing of all children and young people participating in, officiating or associated in any way with the Junior competitions. Clubs have a significant role in maintaining a child safe environment and are required to comply with state legislation. One of the primary responsibilities for clubs is to ensure that any of their volunteers have a valid Working With Children (WWC).



A coach plays an important role in whether football participation has a positive or negative effect on each child and whether they will return to play each season. Coaches can help create a positive sporting environment and reduce poor behaviour by being good role models and upholding the WAFC Junior Coaches Code of Conduct.

For each junior football season, all club coaches must be Level 1 accredited (at a minimum). If a club has any person interested in becoming a coach or a coach needs to update their accreditation, please provide them the link below.


Each season, it is the aim of the WAFC Junior Umpiring Department to have field umpires in all boys and girls competitions. The WAFC Junior Umpiring Department is always seeking new umpires so if your club has anyone interested (Year 8 and above)), please provide them the link below.