Coaching Resources


The CoachAFL portal, is the home to all Coach Development resources and support for Australian Rules coaches across the nation. The platform features the following tools, to allow community coaches to continue to develop and enhance their coaching skillset:

The Coach.AFL online platform is designed as a central resource centre for coaches.  It will serve as a national membership database, enable coaches to manage their CoachAFL Membership (including accreditation, ongoing education and compliance) and provide access to a central Online Repository housing quality coaching resources and educational support.

CoachAFL members will have exclusive access to high quality and consistent information that will:

  • Explain the development pathway for coaches of all age groups
  • Provide online educational and development opportunities
  • Provide accessible resources to guide coaches on their journey
  • Ensure aspiring coaches understand the significance of the role they play and how to positively influence the personal development of players of all ages and ability levels
  • Ensures coaches understand their obligations

All Coaches must be a member of CoachAFL to be able to Coach at any Football Club at any level. To sign up, visit 

Coaching Resources 

The RM Coach Activity Library - Activities and drills for all age groups 

Tackle Your Feelings - Training & resources on player mental health

Coach Learning Framework -  Assists coaches in identifying and delivering the key competencies from the Coach Learning Framework.

Women and Girls in Coaching - Developing female coaches by providing opportunities for growth, development, and leadership.

The Junior Coaching Curriculum – Season and session plans for Yr 3 – Yr 6 Teams 

Prep To Play - Videos and resources for coaching female football players 

Webinars - Including the annual 6 webinars with all 18 AFL Head Coaches 

Coach Smart Whiteboards - Development and Advanced Coaching Boards developed for Coaches of Junior, Youth & Senior Teams.

Other Important Resources:

Kia Club Hub - WA Specific Rules and Regulations

WAFC Drill Log - Training Activities for Junior/Youth Coaches

Umpire TV - Umpire Education Presentations on specific rules ie Dangerous Tackles and Holding the Ball

There are also a range of online modules and face to face workshops accessible to all registered coaches via the library section of the portal.  These include the AllPlay Footy Disability Inclusion Coaching Course, The AFL Vilification and Discrimination Module, the All Minds Matter Concussion module and a range of specific coach education topics delivered by quality Coach Developers across the country.

For all CoachAFL queries, please contact the Customer Service Team via