Club Coach Coordinator

Coaches have a significant impact on player enjoyment, development, retention and recruitment. They are also key influencers in developing and maintaining a positive game day environments and club culture.

The Club Coach Coordinator role is designed to support and oversee the growth and development of individual coaches and enhance the overall effectiveness of each coach. This role will significantly impact the enjoyment and development of the community clubs coaches, players and officials.

Roles and responsibilities

The specific role of each Club Coach Coordinator will depend on the needs of the individual club.

However, some key pointers will be necessary to promote the best possible outcomes for the coach, the players and the club overall.

Assist to guide and the coach’s approach, training and game day behaviour, and success expectations.

  • Develop a Club Coaching Handbook, including a club coaching philosophy and game day expectations (template here)
  • Assist the club to appoint suitable coaches that align with the club’s coaching philosophy

Educate coaches on:

  • Coaching resources available (eg. CoachAFL, Rm Coach, Junior Coaching Curriculum)
  • Education opportunities available (eg. Accreditation, face to face workshops, CoachAFL webinars)

Promote a culture of education and support for the club’s coaches

  • Facilitate club coach meetings to provide an environment where coaches share ideas and learn from each other, discuss club coaching directions, and provide education opportunities
  • Informal support for coaches throughout the year - check ins with coaches
  • Promote opportunities with the WAFC Coach Coordinator for coach workshops, training observation visits etc.

Develop coaches in their environment

  • Observe coaches at training and game day to provide feedback of coaching practice through gathering evidence (vision, audio, stats etc) and facilitate reflective conversations
  • Identify learning opportunities for upskilling

Club Coach Coordinator Resources