Guide to managing volunteers

Action Plan for West Australian Football Commission

The Volunteer Management Action Plan provides the West Australian Football Commission with clear objectives and strategies to support volunteer recruitment and retention efforts. Supporting, recognising, and rewarding volunteers is crucial for the ongoing sustainability of clubs. The Volunteer Management Action Plan will assist in achieving effective Club structures and management practices.

The Volunteer Management Plan has two core functions:

  • Recruting Volunteers; and
  • Retaining Volunteers.

Both functions are continuous and must work in conjunction with each other to be the most effective. The success of the plan is dependent on the commitment demonstrated by the club towards improving a volunteer's experience in football.

Please note, the Volunteer Management Action Plan TEMPLATE can be used by Community Football Clubs. However, minor adjustments may need to be made for the Action Plan to suit the Club.

Role Descriptions

There are a substantial number of roles to be filled within a football club. The majority of these roles are done on a voluntary basis by committed people who ensure the livelihood of Australian Football at all levels. 

Additional Training for Volunteers

Volunteering WA offer a huge range of training courses for volunteers and volunteer managers from an introduction into volunteering to volunteer manager Continuours Professional Development (CPD). For more information CLICK HERE.