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Bristow teams up with WAFC to run writing contestTuesday, March 21, 2017 - 10:51 AM

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Published children’s author, Aquinas School Teacher, and East Fremantle WAFL player Tim Bristow has teamed up with the WA Football Commission to run a Footy Writing Competition in schools to help students prepare for the upcoming NAPLAN tests.

It is particularly aimed at getting students who are more interested in Sport and Football to engage with writing.

Tim has written an opening paragraph to help the students get started. They must begin their story in this way (they may change the names), and then use their imagination to finish using up to 1000 words.

“Crash!” The shattering of glass rings in my ears. This football match was destined for disaster, right from its beginning. Macca tempted me to the challenge, I knew we had to do the chores before Mum came home, now my footy is lost forever; everyone on Dundas Street knows when the footy goes over the fence at number 17, there’s no getting it back! It all started…

The competition is open to all Year 3 and Year 5 students in Western Australia.

AFL School Ambassadors (1300 Ambassadors in WA) are coordinating the entries for their respective schools.

An independent judging panel will assess the entries using the NAPLAN narrative marking guide.