Swisse AFL Quality Club Program

Creating a quality environment at your football club will be of enormous benefit to your club as a whole and all of your members. Some of the benefits of being involved with this program include:

  • Providing an atmosphere that will help to attract new participants, officials and  members (and retain those you already have);
  • Providing an environment that will be attractive to sponsors and help your club promote itself amongst the community and particularly to your local Council;
  • Minimising many risks associated with running a sporting club;
  • Creating a best practice guide for your current Committee and all future Committees;
  • Participating in a sport that can continue to promote itself as a leading sport where quality is valued highly.

Ultimately, the benefit of being involved in this program is to create a better club!


Your first step to getting involved in the Swisse AFL Quality Club Program is to complete the online Quality Club Assessment, or contact your local District Staff who will provide your club with a QCP Booklet. You can also download the QCP Booklet from the website.


To assist clubs work their way through each level of the Swisse AFL Quality Club program we have a resources library on the WAFC website.

Within this section you will find useful information relating specifically to each of the criteria in the Quality Club Program

You will also find great resources relating to all aspects of club management, including policy templates, sample position descriptions for volunteers, useful fact sheets on liquor licensing regulations and prohibited persons screening.