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Bachar Houli Cup for Girls in WAMonday, November 20, 2023 - 3:32 PM

The Grand Final of the Bachar Houli Cup culminated in a dramatic one-point victory for Australian Islamic College (AIC) at Mineral Resources Park.

More than 70 Muslim girls in Years 5/6 participated in the Cup, which was hailed an overwhelming success.

One of the coaches, Daren Bell, shared the enthusiasm for the event.

"It was great to see the passion on display and the joy the girls got out of the carnival, which culminated in a one-point grand final win on the siren to AIC,” he said.

“Definitely a positive first experience for many of the girls involved and allowing us to continue making footy the game for all West Australians!"

Beatrice Devlyn,  Female and diversity Coach Coordinator, offered a compelling description of the atmosphere at the event, likening it to the vibrant energy of a swimming meet.

"The parents appreciated the culturally safe space organised for their girls. They conveyed how much joy the girls experienced during the event,” she said.

Tanya Gillam from Al-Ameen emerged as a standout player, earning 'best of ground' status.

Her performance was particularly remarkable, considering the adversity she faced during the game.

Suffering a bloody nose didn't diminish her spirit but highlighted her resilience and unwavering dedication.

Tanya's eagerness to return to the field spoke volumes of her commitment and passion for the sport.

Her display of courage and tenacity was not just inspiring, but it also exemplified the spirit that the Bachar Houli Cup aims to foster in its players.

Tanya's perseverance and excellence on the field were a testament to the determination and spirit of all the young athletes who participated, making the event a memorable showcase of skill and sportsmanship.

Pinar Komur, Multicultural Officer at the WAFC, declared the appetite to play the game is only growing.

“The girls have expressed a desire for more footy, requesting additional carnivals and suggesting the possibility of having more than one Bachar Houli Cup event annually instead of just one,” she said.

“The Cup was not just a sports event but a significant stride towards inclusivity and empowerment in sports.”

“Tailored as an all-girls event, it provided a culturally safe and supportive environment, enabling participants to express themselves and engage in footy freely.”

“This nurturing setting was instrumental in fostering their sporting talents and reinforcing that sports are a domain where everyone, regardless of gender, can thrive and excel.”

“By participating in this Cup, the young girls broke free from traditional gender norms, showcasing their prowess and passion for footy.”

“Their presence on the field was a powerful act of shattering stereotypes and claiming their rightful place in the world of sports.”

“In this empowering atmosphere, the girls discovered more than just their ability to play footy; they found a platform for personal growth, confidence building, and community connection.”

“The Bachar Houli Cup celebrated diversity, inclusivity, and the indomitable spirit of young female athletes."

“We are excited about the prospects of next year's event, anticipating it to be even bigger and better,” she said.