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WAFC launches partnership with Rookie Me PlayWednesday, May 15, 2024 - 7:54 AM

The West Australian Football Commission has launched a partnership with Rookie Me to distribute Play, an online tool connecting sporting communities and creating opportunities within junior football in WA.

The partnership focuses on the Rookie Me Play product.

As part of Junior Football Rules, each player must receive 50% game time to ensure fair participation for all and encourage longer careers.

Rookie Me Play allows clubs to manage games and allows the WAFC to have an oversight of game day.

Rookie Me is industry leaders with regards to connecting technology with training and game-day integrations.

Rookie Me strives to go above and beyond to support the development and growth of young athletes, coaches, and sporting personnel in the landscape.

Rookie Me facilitates digital coaching tools like Play and Coach; also they report daily articles on the WAFC Competitions via Rookie Me Central, to hosting and operating the Testing of the annual State and National AFL Draft Combines for young athletes, from Coach support, all the way through to their draft central, a one stop shop for all things AFL draft.

Troy Kirkham, Executive Manager Game Development and Community Football at the West Australian Football Commission, has endorsed the initiative.

“Providing all kids with an opportunity to participate and play the game is critical to their long-term retention in football,” Kirkham said.

“The ability for clubs to monitor game time of their players ensuring that they reach a minimum percentage of time on the field is a great way to ensure their long-term involvement in the game.

“Rookie Me Play provides a simple to use program to monitor game time, and the WAFC is pleased to partner with Rookie Me to roll this out across metro junior competitions”.

“The partnership provides all junior clubs with the Interchanger program to promote fair game time among the junior clubs to make sure every player gets 50% game time,” Kirkham said.

“The WAFC have partnered with Rookie Me knowing that we are the only company in the world who can measure ‘fair game time’ in real-time, to assist with the WAFC’s and the AFL’s objective of player retention. It is a huge focus for Rookie Me to keep footballers engaged and active across the nation,” Adham Dimachki, Rookie Me CEO & Founder explained.

“The WAFC is the first state body to legislate ‘fair game time’ in the country and this initiative will be supported through the adaptation of the Rookie Me Play app, across Metro Perth for 1500 teams.”